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Jim Reed

Listening to the songs on his new EP “Last Lovers in the Simulation”, it’s hard to believe that for the last seven years Jim Reed only played music to put his daughter to sleep at bedtime. Originally hailing from Mississippi the songwriter who is currently based out of Frankfurt / Germany writes songs so tastefully sad that it seems like he refined his craft for years on the road playing shady bars and open mics.

His songs are love songs, often filled with regret and doubt but always conveying compassion and empathy. “Long Night through” off  “Last Lovers in the Simulation” is a fingerpicked promise to be a better person while the song “If You Were Here” lays out what it means to be honestly longing for somebody.

Honesty is the driving force in Jim Reed’s music, setting the stage for everything else he brings: His natural style playing the guitar inspired by John Prine, Sonic Youth and The Beatles as well as an intriguing soft voice that reminds of Jim James or Paul Simon.

With his EP “Last Lovers in the Simulation” Jim Reed takes a step away from being just a well-kept secret, and brings his songs to a broader audience.


  • Jim Reed – Last Lovers in the Simulation



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