Photo: Matt Payton

The Johns

The Johns are a musically groovy, visually striking, and lyrically unprecedented garage tropicalia band from New York City. The band combines the complexity and insight of The Silver Jews with the immediacy, economy, and seaside sensibilities of The Ramones and the softly intricate rhythms of the Caribbean music heard at every bodega in town. Basketball player-poet Johnny Dydo fronts the band, his baritone visions exploding through his grunge-princess regalia leaving fans and passers-by collecting and contemplating shards of pink hair, coded dreams, and bits of seashells whose songs can only be imagined in some integrity long ago crushed by the surf or swept away by the Atlantic. Johnny’s persona embodies the apparent contradictions that define the band… masculine and feminine, funny and a little scary, brilliant surface and depths so remote they would be unobservable if not for the clarity and specificity of the plan according to which they are constructed.



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