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In December of 2017 Bernhard Karakoulakis aka Boo Hoo played an in-studio session for sixty fans in his hometown Frankfurt and there couldn’t have been a better time to do it. The months leading up the recording session for “Boo Hoo Live” were packed with touring, intense theatre work, a succcesful crowdfunding project and visits in the hospital:

Wittnessing the ups and downs of his mother’s cancer treatment Karakoulakis oscillated between exhaustion and euphoria, while growing into new ways of playing and singing. Fashioning an unknown presence and urgency the once quiet and shy troubadour had become louder and existential gravity became part of Boo Hoo’s subtle folk act.

“Boo Hoo Live” bears testimony to this time of transformation, revisiting old favourites from Boo Hoo’s catalogue in the most intimate and classic setting: A human being with a guitar, trying to figure himself out in front of a room full of friendly strangers.