Boo Hoo Live – Vinyl Release

Songwriter Boo Hoo releases his first live album -simply called “Boo Hoo Live”- on Lousy Moon Records.
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As well as being the first live album the Frankfurt artist has put out, it the release is also the first recording to be released by Lousy Moon Records. The album came together after Boo Hoo’s Bernhard Karakoulakis had played a series of shows in France in late 2017.
Inspired by the raw energy of concerts in small french clubs and in peoples’ homes Karakoulakis decided it was time to get into the studio. But not alone: During the recording session for “Boo Hoo Live” sixty Boo Hoo fans were present, listening, cheering and contributing to a live album that has it both: A vibrant live feeling as well as a great studio sound.

“Boo Hoo Live” is available on vinyl LP and digital. The vinyl LP comes in a deluxe gatefold cover and includes a lyric sheet as well as the digital download.

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