This Was Inevitable

by Glassberg & The Disasters

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Glassberg & The Disasters - This Was Inevitable

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Blending 70s Lower East Side salon punk and desert island beachy vibes, ‚Forge‘ is the debut album from New York City’s ‚The Johns‘.


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What’s inevitable? Death, taxes, gentrification. The super-tall guy at the front of the show. And the debut LP from Glassberg & The Disasters, which touches on these things and more with razor-sharp wit and instantly catchy pop melodies.

Frontwoman and guitarist Rachel Glassberg started writing her own songs on moving to Berlin from Los Angeles, inspired by the international indie-folk underground that gathered in the basement of Madame Claude. After self-producing solo EP …And Other Disasters and going viral on Reddit with the Tommy Wiseau homage “Song from a Room”, she joined forces with bassist Vincent Long, drummer Elke Horner and keyboardist/saxophonist Linnea Mårtensson. As Glassberg & The Disasters, they released the 2016 Berghain bouncer anthem “Let The Right Ones In” to online acclaim and a Berlin Music Video Award nomination.

Their first full-length, recorded over a series of hot summer days in the Moabit studio of Joe Kelly and released on new Frankfurt label Lousy Moon, whiplashes between ‘90s guitar pop, sunny ukulele strumming, twangy country folk and even hip hop. Tying it all together are the lyrics, which combine intricate storytelling, clever wordplay and unexpected flashes of honesty.