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Album Info

2009 former Moldy Peaches guitarist and visual artist Toby Goodshank released an unusual album:
Depending on how you looked at it the album didn't have a title… or two titles. It didn't have just one cover, but two and none of the album’s ten tracks was titled. What the album lacked tangibility on the outside it made up in a concrete musical poetry unlikely to find anywhere else.

Brimming with unique ideas that don’t shy away from the personal, the vulgar and the graphic Toby Goodshank’s “untitled” shows an artist exploring the boundaries of what you can say in a song and how you can deliever it.


Toby Goodshank is one of the strangest artists I've ever encountered, in both his music and his visual art. His mission, as far as I can understand it, is to fearlessly (and affably) throw open the doors of perception and chronicle the effluvia swimming beyond the filmy surface of acceptability. The result is a unique disorientation, where reactions are severed from habit. One falls into a forbidden realm of free thought, where the cogs slip off their bearings, flying away from the normal categories of humor and horror, sex and disgust, chords and melodies and instruments, music and art, friendship and violence. Words like "this album is great" and "this album is revolting" become meaningless in the groovy tunnel of this art-tornado. Toby Goodshank is an artist and this album is his masterpiece. Oh yeah, also - you'll like it. How can he be so charming and twisted at the same time?k, an arrow pointing that way in the map of the universe. As he describes the interior of meaning in his lyrics, he gives us a bird’s eye view of these moments.”

Jeffrey Lewis

Auf „Untitled“ ziehen nun ebenso namenlose Songs über Schund und Schönes, Freundschaft, Sex, Trauer, Ekel und Ausgedachtes wie des Sängers vermeintliche Kirschbrüste ins Goodshank-Universum, das damals noch um einiges punkrockiger klang als heute.