Toby Goodshank
"Well U know I know what turns U on"

100 years old

New York
United States

Last Login: 25th of March, 2019

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General Baked Naturals
Music Johnny's Democracy
Groups: The World of Dust, Boo Hoo, The Burning Hell, Jim Reed

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Status: "How did I come to find you here, never really knowing ever?"
Here for: Share an untitled album with no song titles, upside down no matter how you hold it

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May 22 – Utrecht @ De Kromme Haring w/ Boo Hoo and Oliver Oat

May 23 – Den Bosch @ Willem Twee w/ Boo Hoo and Oliver Oat

May 24 – Groningen @ O’Ceallaighs w/ Boo Hoo and The World of Dust

May 25 – Rotterdam @ Koffie & Ambacht w/ Boo Hoo

May 27 – Brussels w/ Boo Hoo and The World of Dust

May 30- Nürnberg @ RadioZ Fest w/ Boo Hoo

May 31 – Freiburg w/ Boo Hoo

June 1 – Frankfurt @ No 2 Records w/ Boo Hoo

June 2  – Wetzlar @ Cafe Vinyl

June 3 – Marburg @ Cafe Trauma

June 4 – Hamburg @ Nochtwache w/ Boo Hoo and The Burning Hell

June 5 – Leipzig @ Ilses Erika w/ Boo Hoo 

June 7 – Berlin (TBA)

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About me:
Brooklyn-based artist Toby Goodshank made his high-profile musical debut playing acoustic guitar in The Moldy Peaches, but had long before embarked on a prolific solo career, recording and self-releasing 14 albums in a five-year span and touring Europe with artists including Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson. Goodshank’s style, while often centered around his solo guitar and singing abilities, draws from a variety of pop, underground art and musical influences and employs many instrumental textures. Unconventional song structure, humor, innuendo and wordplay are staples of his music and artwork. In 2012 & 2013 he toured Europe in support of his album “Minus Días” and co-founded the 3MB art collective with Adam Green and Macaulay Culkin. The collective recently directed and starred in a music video for Father John Misty’s song “Total Entertainment Forever,” and continues to work under their new name 4GB with the addition of Thomas Bayne. In 2014 he toured Europe and the UK as Adam Green’s guitarist, and in the US and UK with The Pizza Underground as both opening act and auxiliary member. Profile pic credit: Rachelyn Remz//tootired2flirt
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