Our Favorite Beatle – Friends and Fans Celebrate The Music of Phoebe Kreutz


Dear everybody, you are amazing!
Hearing all of your cover versions of Phoebe’s songs really moves me. Each and every single one came out so great and unique. Even more than before I am a fan of your music and you all remain a great inspiration for me. Thanks folks! Phoebe will feel the same way and probably be in touch with you as well. More on how we plan to proceed with the sampler below.


About the Record

So how are we going to proceed with the sampler?
The idea is to present the sampler to Phoebe tomorrow for her brithday. Then there’ll be a proper digital release on Bandcamp, Spotify etc. and the Lousy Moon store. I was thinking December 6th would be a good day (Christmas coming up,  A fun release towards the end of the year)
We’ll ask Phoebe to choose a charity, so the profits generated with this sampler will go to a cause she wants to support.
Of course all of you are more than welcome to share your songs on your bandcamps etc. around release time. I’ll provide you with a download link for the masters soon.
In case you will share stuff on instagram it’ll be great if you used these three hashtags among the others you’ll choose: #favoritebeatle @lousymoonrecords @phoebeobscura

I’d also like to include pictures of all of the acts on the final release page. If you don’t have any other wishes I’ll take the ones I find on your Bandcamps, Twitters or homepages, okay?

Please also let us know if we misspelled artist names, forgot to credit musicians etc. or if you have any other concern.

That’s all for now, I guess. If you have any questions let Matt or me know.
Xo, Boo


Songs: Phoebe Kreutz
Artists: Jeffrey Lewis, Peter Stampfel, Angela Carlucci, Daoud Tyler-Ameen, Rachel Glassberg, Linnea Mårtensson, Scott Loving, Brent Cole, Sam Grossman, Mathias Kom, Ariel Sharratt, Jake Nicoll, Matt Colbourn, Simon Beins, Jim Reed, Ella Fox, Preston Spurlock, Dibson T. Hoffweiler, Marc Herbert, Silvana Battisti, Darren Browne, Jim Kilpatrick, Sibsi, Heiko, Meike, Liv Carrow, Julie LaMendola, Andrew Hoepfner, Matt Roth, Toby Goodshank
Compiled: Matt Colbourn, Bernhard “Boo Hoo” Karakoulakis
Mastering: Casey Holford
Artwork: Greg Kreutz
Track order: Christopher “Piwi” Tauber, Markus “Farkus” Farr

Phoebe Kreutz in front of a microphone


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