Anniversary edition of Toby Goodshank’s 2009 cult classic.
Remastered for crispy sound and pressed on yellow vinyl for happy eyes. Record comes with six page booklet with selected lyrics and new artwork by Toby Goodshank.


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Anniversary edition of Toby Goodshank‘s 2009 cult classic.
We remastered it for crispy sound and pressed it on yellow vinyl for happy eyes. The record comes with a six page booklet containing selected lyrics and new artwork by Toby Goodshank.

“untitled”, originally released in 2009 is the second album by Goodshank. Produced by Schwervon! singer Major Matt Mason “untitled” quickly gained a small but devoted fanbase.

Darwin Deez (“Radar Detector”) about “untitled”:
“It is funny and it is dirty, but those aspects don’t preclude the presence of pathos and vulnerability. This is really unusual and not something i’ve ever seen another songwriter do, or something i even would have thought possible or reasonable to attempt musically.”

Songs: Toby Goodshank except 2 by Apollo Romello and Toby Goodshank and 9 by Major Matt Mason USA and Toby Goodshank
Recording: Major Matt Mason USA, Drums recorded by Mark Ospovat
Musicians: Toby Goodshank, Andrew Hoepfner, Scott Loving, Nan Turner, Brent Cole, Major Matt Mason USA, Ben Sheppard, Saul Simon, Matt Williams, Simon Beins
Mixing: Major Matt Mason USA
Mastering: Kramer (vinyl), Michael Scheuber (digital)
Studio: Olive Juice Studios NY, Emandee Studios Brooklyn
Release Date:  May 17, 2019


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