True Dreams

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Formed in Brooklyn in 2016, True Dreams is a feminist punk guitar and drums duo. Their debut album “No.1” combines bratty snares, frenzied screams, and empowering chants with sweet melodies and love letter lyrics. Angela Carlucci (guitar, vox) and Hannah Nichols (drums, vox) contribute equally to the project as songwriters.

Hannah and Angela met on the set of a friend’s music video shoot in Lower Manhattan in 2014. They quickly bonded over their odd sense of humor, and love of music and illustration. Over the course of the next couple of years, they became best friends. In 2016, True Dreams was formed. Angela began performing in NYC in 2001 in the band The Baby Skins along with CrystalMadrilejos. Angela and Crystal became part of the French band Herman Dune, and toured Europe off­and­on for five years, both opening for Herman Dune and as their back­up singers. Hannah started playing the drums in 2014, learning on an electronic kit in her apartment. She has been playing in bands around Brooklyn ever since. Hannah and Angela contribute equally to the project as songwriters.

The album will be released collaboratively by Lousy Moon Records and Brooklyn Record Label King Pizza Records.


True Dreams sind ein undogmatisches „Feminist Punk“-Duo und nebenbei der lebende Beweis, dass es auch jenseits der Zwanziger herum nicht zu spät ist, eine eigene Band zu gründen und die Welt zu rocken.


Even if the band’s feminist anthems are cathartic, their casual delivery is all in the spirit of fun.