Toby Goodshank’s Truth Jump Fall gets limited edition vinyl re-release

Originally released in 2011 "Truth Jump Fall" is one of Toby Goodshank's finest albums.
Recorded with the help of Moldy Peaches' Jack Dishel and loaded with songs whose beauty is hard to describe, yet to be felt within the first seconds of a song. The songs are catchy and deep, light and heavy at the same time. The arrangments often touch on a psychedelic, heavier side of the singer songwriter tradition while the lyrics explore the topics of love and friendship in meaningful ways.

The album is re-released on white and black vinyl by a team effort of Tiny Room Records, BB*Island Records and Lousy Moon Records. Head over to Bandcamp and buy your copy today.

Truth Jump Fall
Toby GoodshankWedding Bells
Toby GoodshankPrelude to Fire
Toby GoodshankThe Journey Back Down Jump Truth Mountain
Toby GoodshankBaby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut In Half
Toby GoodshankThe 3 is Silent - 1
Toby GoodshankSarah & Jon
Toby GoodshankMy Reflection