Toby Goodshank’s”untitled” anniversary edition out now!

The limited yellow vinyl records contain the classic Goodshank album that got remastered by Kramer

We’re proud to announce the release of the anniversary edition of Toby Goodshank’s 2009 cult classic “untitled”.
Buy your copy in the Lousy Moon Records store.
We remastered it for crispy sound and pressed it on yellow vinyl for happy eyes. The record comes with a six page booklet containing selected lyrics and new artwork by Toby Goodshank.

Read everything about the the album in the release notes:
“untitled” release notes

Read an interview with Toby Goodshank discussing “untitled” with Burning Hell singer Mathias Kom.

Lousy Moon Records released “untitled” as a team effort with dutch label Tiny Room Records. Check them out!